Instructor Bios

Frank James Fisher 
The ceramic art of Frank James Fisher is unique among American art. Fisher’s art is a sculptural blend of popular culture, iconic form and graphic design. A subtle narrative is woven into his art making each piece personal and reflective of American life. Fisher’s art has evolved from a strong foundation in traditional functional ceramics. He is equally adept with wheel and hand-built forms. He is a master of ultra-thin slab forms, raku firing and innovative glazing methods. His fine art and functional art methods are openly revealed in his courses and workshops. Classes are relaxed, informative and filled with insight about clay and the joys (and trials) of being an artist.

Outside the classroom, Fisher is an author of more than 20 articles in national ceramic publications including: Ceramics Monthly. Pottery Making Illustrated, Art and Perception and Ceramics Technical. His work is featured in numerous books and exhibited nationally.

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Mike Kuhn 

Mike has been involved in the arts and has worked with kids all his life. As a Christian, he grew up in the church, became a camp counselor, and worked as a youth director for a local Methodist church. He studied photography at Center for Creative Studies and did professional photography for over 30 years.  Highlights of his photography career included owning his own studio and being staff photographer for the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Lions. 

Kuhn became involved in ceramics by taking a ceramics class and discovering that he had a knack for creating beautiful, functional pottery.  Before long, he was teaching advanced ceramics and was an instructor in Schoolcraft College’s continuing education department for several years, teaching all levels of students including the Kids on Campus ceramics program. His love of ceramics and art and the desire to meet a need in the artistic community inspired him to start the Michigan Art Center with his wife, Carol, in 2013. 

A love of pottery and working with clay also gave Kuhn the desire to create his own line of custom pottery tools which were featured in an article written by Frank James Fisher in the November/December 2011 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.

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Jaclyn Crawford  
BZB Pottery (Ceramics - Salem, MI)

Jaclyn has always needed a creative outlet, likes to figure things out, and loves getting her hands dirty. Clay has offered her a unique, perpetual challenge and kinship that she has been hooked on ever since her first class in 2000.  Her goal as an artist is to make items that are functional, interesting, neat, and a part of everyday life.

Betty Felts  

Betty has been painting for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on watercolor. She has received numerous awards for her work including the 2014 Maggie Price Award from the Pastel Society of Central Florida, and the 2015 1st Place award from the Leesburg Art Association.   Betty is a member of the Garden City Fine Arts Association, 3-City’s Fine Arts Association, Visual Arts Association of Livonia, Leesburg Art Association, Pastel Society of Central Florida, and the International Association of Pastel Societies.

Notable instructors who Betty has studied with include Lynn Baum, Pat Bombeck, Lynn Ferris, Kay Rowe, Janet McGrath, Karlyn Holman, Lian Zhen, Jan Ramsey, and Ray Hazzard.  She has been teaching for the last 10 years in Florida and in her studio in Michigan. Betty believes in practice, and lots of it, and loves to learn new techniques and explore different mediums.

Betty is a visiting artist who teaches occasional classes at the Michigan Art Center. To be notified of her upcoming classes, please signup for our monthly newsletters!

David Albrecht 

Dave received his BA from Ohio State University, with a major in General Fine Art Studio, emphasis sculpture in 1966 from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Upon graduation, he promptly found employment in the insurance and pharmaceutical sales industries and put his love of art on hold until retirement. He attended ceramics classes at the DIA and Oakland County Community College (OCC), with additional classes including figure sculpting with Jay Holland at CCS, and private classes with Grosse Pointe Park sculptor Janice Trimpe. 

While at OCC for 13 years, Dave accepted a position as clay room supervisor and clay maker, founded an ad hoc sculpture club, became President of the Ceramics Community Network pottery club, and earned an Associates in Ceramic Technology Summa Cum Laude in 2014. 

Dave is a member of the Annual Potter's Market and has sold pottery and sculpture there for 9 consecutive years.
Jodie Rozycki 

Jodie’s pottery experience started over 20 years ago while pursuing her art degree at Henry Ford Community College, where she also worked as the studio tech. Although Jodie has a passion for other art mediums such as photography and drawing, she gravitated to pottery. She continued her education through classes at Pewabic Pottery while staying home to raise her two children.
Jodie built her own home studio in 2007 and began offering creative workshop classes to the neighborhood kids and their parents.  She loves to create functional pottery with a timeless feel and for the past 6 years her work has been sold at the Beyond Borders Gallery in Boyne City, Michigan. Jodie’s boundless energy is evident in her profound love for life, art, people and most of all “the big man upstairs”. 

“Creativity is intelligence having FUN” ~ Albert Einstein

Bob Palmerton 

Bob Palmerton began painting in oils in his early teens, and discovered pastel paintings shortly thereafter.  Bob obtains much of his inspiration for his paintings from his half-day biking excursions through Southeast Michigan, and on family hikes with his wife Mary and their three children, Sara, Matthew and Nicole. 

Through his painting, Bob hopes that the beauty and drama of the landscape can inspire each of us to embrace the outdoors and to enjoy the continuous learning and small surprises that nature presents. Bob’s paintings strive to bring out the drama and chaos of the landscape through the interplay of complementary colors, atmospheric effects, shadow and light.

Bob is a fan of the Hudson River School and painters such as Albert Bierstadt and Frederick Church, and admires the works of Impressionists such as Monet and Pissarro.  Bob is a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society.

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